Secret Way To My Heart of Labgold

IMG_0150Paco vel Pacuś vel Pacito :)

breeder / hodowca : Karolina Pastusiak
co-owner : Stefaan De Meester

Paco is living with me & Stefaan in Belgium.

D.O.B. 15/03/2014
HD : A /A  (BVA 4:5)
ED : 0/0  (BVA 0:0)
Optigen A : prcdPRA N/N (clear)
EIC : N/N (clear)
HNPK : N/N (clear)
RD/OSD N/N (clear)
SD2 N/N (normal)
CMN N/N (normal)
Hair lenght : NORMAL (doesn't carry long coat gen)
EYEs : ECVO certyficat : oczy czyste/eyes clear
Full dentition
DNA - profile

Paco is available as a stud dog to approved females.

Paco to maluch, który jest dla mnie specjalny, mój pierwszy biszkoptowy samczyk, wyczekany, ukochany. Jest spełnieniem moich planów hodowlanych, odziedziczył po mamie i w sumie i tacie swoją urodę oraz charakter.
Paco is a puppy who is very special for me, my first yellow male, long awaited, I love him to bits. He is 100% such one which I always wanted to breed. He took all the best things from his father and mother, especially mix character - my sweet small tornado :-)
  •  Belgium Retriever Club Junior Winner
  • VDH Grman Junior Champion
  • Dutch Junior Champion 
  • Belgium Junior Champion 
  • VDH-Saar Jugendsieger Saarbrucken 2015
  • Brussels Winner 2015
  • Brabo Winner 2016
  • Europasieger 2016
  • Europasieger 2018
  • Benelux Winner BE 2017
  • Brussels Winner 2017
  • VDH German Champion 
  • Dutch Champion
  • Belgium Champion 
  • Amsterdam Winner 2018
  • Danish Champion DK(U)Ch
Paco zadebiutował w wieku 6-ściu miesięcy na ringach angielskich. Natomiast na ringach europejskich wziął udział w swojej pierwszej wystawie dopiero w wieku 9,5 miesiąca w Paryżu.

CRUFTS 2015 qualification
2xCRUFTS 2016 qualification

CRUFTS qualification for life !!!!
UK Stud Book Number
  • In UK / W Wielkiej Brytanii (UK) :
  • 1 x 1-st in Minior Puppy class 
  • 1 x 2-nd in Puppy class 
  • 1 x 2-nd in Minior Puppy class
  • 1 x VHC in Minior Puppy class 
  • 1 x 3-rd in Minior Puppy class 
  • 1 x 1-st in Junior class
  • 1 x 3-rd in Junior class
  • 1 x 1-st in MidLimit class
  • 1 x 2-nd in MidLimit class
  • 1 x 3-rd in MidLimit class
    2 x RES in MidLimit class
  • 1 x VDH in MidLimit class
  • 1 x 1-st in Limit class
  • 1 x RES in Limit class
    1 x VHC in Limit class 
  • 2 x 2nd in Open class
  • 1 x 3rd in Open class
  • 2 x RES in Open class
  • 1 x VHC in Open class
  • VHC at CRUFTS 2015 in puppy class
  • In Europe / W Europie :
  • 10 x Junior Winner (Belgium, Holland,France, Germany)
  • 2 x LCD Junior Winner
  • 1 x resLCD Junior Winner
  • 6 x Best Junior
  • 7 x Best Dog (Holland & Germany)
  • 8 x CAC (Holandia)
  • 2 x CAC (Germany)
  • 1 x CERT (Denmark)
  • 8 x VDH-CAC
  • 2 x resVDH-CAC
  • 3 x LCD CAC
  • 3 x resCAC (Holandia,Belgia,Francja)
  • 2 x CAC (Belgia)
  • 4 x resCAC ( = 3xCAC Belgia)
  • 1 x CACL (Luxembourg)
  • 8 x CACIB (Holland,Belgium,Germany)
  • 4 x resCACIB (= 4 x CACIB)
  • 3 x resCACIB
  • 8 x BOS
  • 8 x BOB
  • 2 x BIG-1
  • 1 x BIG-2


Some of Paco's win in details :

1-st in champion class at Amsterdam Winner show : 2xCAC, CACIB, Best Dog, BOB - Winner'18 title

1-st in champion class at the Europasieger show in Dortmunt : 2xVDH-CAC, CACIB, LCD-CAC, Best Dog, BOB - Europasieger'18 title

1-st in champion class in Brussels : CAC, CACIB, Best Dog, BOB, BOG-1

1-st in champion class at R.E Speciality Show in Oulins (FR) : Best Dog & BOB !!!

1-st in champion class at Int. Show in Maastricht (NL) : CAC, CACIB, Best Dog, BOS !!!

1-st in champion class at Int. Show in Rotterdam (NL) : CAC, CACIB, Best Dog, BOB !!!

1-st in open class at National show in Meisdorf (D) : VDH-CAC, CAC, Best Dog, BOB, Best in Group 1 !!!

1-st in open class at the Europasieger show in Dortmund (D) : 2xVDH-CAC, CACIB, LCD-CAC, Best Dog, BOB - Europasieger'16 title

1-st in open class at LCD show in Borborn (D) : VDH-CAC, LCD-CAC, Best Dog, BOS

1-st in open class in Antwerp (BE) : CAC, CACIB, Best Dog, BOB, BOG-2

1-st in Limit class in UK at Boston DCS : STUD BOOK number, Life CRUFTS qualification !!!

1-st in MIDLimit class in UK at LKA show

1-st in intermediate class in Brussels (BE) : resCAC, resCACIB

1-st in intermediate class in Kortrijk (BE) : resCAC, resCACIB

1-st in intermediate class in Blejswijk (NL) : CAC, CACIB. Best Dog, BOS 

1-st in junior class in Offenburg (D) : JCAC-VDH, LCD-JCAC, Best Junior, Best Dog




  • NLV Bennekom 2015 judge A.Ellis (UK) : very good type dog, good head and muzzle, very good pigment, kind eye and expression, good front construction, level topline, good tailset, very good bone, short coupled, excellent quaters, short hocks, moved ok ( 2-nd place in breeders class ).
  • BRC 2015 judge judge M.O'Donoghue (UK) : 13 months attractive dog, very good head and excellent pigment, eye colour and shape, ear placement. Excellent neck and very good front, excellent topline and tailset. Showing in good hard condition, not in the best coat (time), excellent bone. Handled well. Movement a bit untdy ( 1-st place in junior class, Junior Winner )
  • IDS Oss 2015 judge D.Mensink (NL) : Beautiful typical yellow. Male head with fabulous expression, super pigment, good proportions, correct eye, ear and bite. Super topline, prima quaters. Super forchest, ribs, bone, feets. Correct coat. Moving happily with enough of drive. Need some time to become firmer. I would like to see him again. (1-st place in junior class, Junior Winner).
  • LCD Gelsenkirchen 2015 judge J.R.Sauge (N) : dog of excellent breed type, lovely head and expression, good neck, front and bone, level topline, strong hindquaters, moves very well, not in his best coat today (1-st place in cunior class, Junior Winner, Best Junior).
  • MC LRC (UK) 04.2015 judge S.Williamson (UK) : quality yellow dog, well grown & quite mature for his age, but certainly not overdone. Pleasing head & expression. Correct front & rear angles, good bone & tidy feet. Certainly moves with power & precision, covering the ground well. In good coat & conditioned & was well handled to get the best from him ( junior class, 1-st ).
  • LKA (UK) 12.2015 judge M.Woodley (UK) : head not quite to my liking on this yellow BUT I liked pretty much everything else & he presented a balanced picture of typical Labrador. Excellent bone & feet, good reach of neck, good shoulders, level topline, dense coat, excellent quaters, moved well ( 1-st in Mid Limit class ).
  • Boston CS (UK) 01.2016 judge G.Allen (UK) : Although only 21 months, this boy was very maturefor his age and presented an impressive picture when standing. Kind head and expression, enhanced by eye shape and colour, good ear placement. Front assembly good, well boned legs and neat feet. Good depth to his body and ribs well sprung, level topline and tail well set. Did enough on the move, had a good action but I would have like to see him moved at a little faster pace ( 1-st in Limit class, Stud Book number, Life Crufts qualification ).



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