Prince Charming Qdore of Labgold

Synek_LorchSynek vel. Simon :-)
breeder / hodowca: Karolina Pastusiak
co-owner : Agnieszka Łukaszczyk (hod.Qdore)

D.O.B 23/07/2017
HD - A/A (clear)
ED - 0/0 (clear)
GR_PRA 1 & GR_PRA 2 : clear
prcd-PRA : clear
DM : clear
ICT : carrier
Eyes clinical test : ECVO certificate : all clear
Heart : certificate clear
Full dentition
DNA - profile 

Synek is available only to approved females.
Chilled semen can be sent.


BIS-PUPPY at Golden Retriever Club of Scotland !!!
BIS - all breeds at International Show in Germany
BIS JUNIOR at DRC show in Lorch (Germany)

CC at Southern GRC (UK)

GRCN 2019 WINNER (BIS) (Holland)

DRC in Schloss Thurn BIS Winner (Germany)

BIS - 3 all breeds at International Show in Estonia (Tallin)

BOG-4 & BOB at Midland Counties (UK) 

BEST IN SHOW IN Bleiswijk (Holland)

  • Junior World Winner  2018
  • Junior Winner of Poland 2018
  • Belgium Junior Winner 2018
  • Polish Junior Champion
  • VDH Junior Champion 
  • DRC Junior Champion 
  • Dutch Junior Champion 
  • Amsterdam Junior Winner 2018
  • Amsterdam Winner 2018
  • GRCN Club Winner 2019
  • BOS at GR Club in Estonia
  • Bundessieger 2019 (Austria)
  • AlpenSieger 2021
  • Championat de France 2020 BOB winner
  • Polish Champion 
  • Estonian Champion ( to be app. )
  • Holland Champion
  • Lithuanian Champion
  • Danish Show Champion
  • Swiss Champion

in a way to / rozpoczęty :
  • Austrian Champion adult
  • Hungarian Champion adult
  • German Champion adult VDH & DRC
  • BIS at international show in Germany
  • BIS at international show in Holland
  • BIS-3 at international show in Estonia
  • BIS at Joint GRC (UK)
  • BIS at GRC of Netherland
  • BIS at DRC show in Schloss Thurn
  • BIS puppy in Scotland
  • BIS Junior at DRC show
  • resBIS at Southern GRC
  • CC at Southern GRC 
  • CC at Midland Counties
  • CC at Joint GRC
  • RCC at Southern Counties championship show
  • RCC at Golden Retriever Club UK
  • Best of Gundog Group 4 UK
CRUFTS Qualification 2019 : 6 times !!!
CRUFTS Life qualification !!!
  • In Europe / W Europie :
  • 4 x Junior Winner in PL
  • 4 x Junior Winner in DE
  • 4 x Junior Winner in NL
  • 1 x Junior Winner in BE
  • 7 x Best Junior
  • 1 x resCAC (=CAC NL)
  • 10 x CAC NL
  • 4 x CAC PL
  • 1 x CAC HU
  • 3 x CAC AUT
  • 1 x CAC DRC
  • 1 x CAC VDH
  • 1 x SERT = Estonian Champion
  • 3 x LT CAC
  • 3 x Swiss CAC
  • 1 x CERT (Denmark)
  • 1 x rec CAC (Belgium)
  • 15 x CACIB
  • 2 x resCACIB
  • 7 x BOS
  • 21 x BOB
  • 6x BOG-1
  • 4 x BOG-2
  • 2 x BOG-3
  • 1 x BOG-4
  • 4 x BIS-1
  • 2 x BIS-3
  • 1xBIS-1 junior
  • In UK / W UK :
  • CC in Southern Golden Retreiver Club
  • CC in Midland Counties
  • CC in Joint GRC
  • res CC in Southern Counties
  • res CC in GRC
  • 1 x 1st in Puppy Class
  • 1 x BIS puppy
  • 1 x 2nd in Puppy Class
  • 1 x 3rd in Puppy class
  • 2 x 1st in Junior class
  • 1 x 2nd in Junior class
  • 6 x 1 st in Yearling class
  • 2 x 2nd in yearling class
  • 1 x 1st in Special Award open class dog/bitch
  • 2 x 1st in open class
  • 3 x 2nd in open class
  • 1 x 3rd in open class
  • 2 x BOB
  • 1 x BOS
  • 1 x BIS
  • 1 x resBIS
  • 1 x BOG-4 gundog group


  • 150 years of GRCS 2018 judge Marilynn Morphet : A masculine, extremely well balanced, athletic looking puppy almost 12 months old presented in this class at the optimal time. Alert, intelligent expression, his head set perfectly onto a strong muscular neck which sloped gently into well placed shoulders. Streight front, well off for bone, well shaped feet, short coupling, lovely turn of stifle with well let down hocks, correct tail set and carriage. His commanding ring presence blew me away and he was so beautifully presented and handled to perfection. I see great future for this young dog and congratulate his breeder, owners, handler and all connections on being involved with a young animal of such outstanding quality. Best Puppy in Show.
  • Lorch (DE) 2018 judge Sue Jolley : Lovely balanced dog, a lot kind expression, good argulation front and rear, nice bown, strong leveled topline, helt his tail carried on the move, good driving from movement. Best Junior in Show.
  • Bath (UK) 2018 judge Ruth Turner : Another super puppy. Very balanced in outline.Lovely head and expression. Clean neck and super shoulders. Good bone and feet. Liked his body proportions. Strong rear with correctly angled stifles, standing on streight limbs. A mid gold wavy coated boy who came into his own on the move displaying super animation, very powerful and accurate, liked him very much. (2nd place in puppy class).
  • GRC (UK) 2018 judge Kim Ellis : Very similar type to 1, mid gold 11 months, all the way from Poland and no suprise he is such quality when I see his breeding. Very eye-catching, when his handler moves him at correct speed. Compactly made, absolutely lovely masculine head, good depth and widht of muzzle, good pigment, neat ears, good neck and shoulders, very well argulated front and rear and balanced all through, level topline, moves straight and true in both directions, strides out with confidence and drive, well  handled and presented. (3rd place in puppy class).
  • Weinden (DE) judge Fiona Clarkson : Since I have seen this dog from the ringside, I have longed to get my hand on him and he did not dissapoint. Sown freestanding and foursquare, he presents a super outline and his movement equally impressed. Still time to develop forechest but all the essentials are there (1st in junior class, Best Junior)
  • Bleiswijk (NL) judge Henric Fryckstrand : Stunning young dog with many good points. Most beautiful head , attractive expression, lovely eyes. Very good neck with well set on good shoulders. Excellent bone. Good depth of body. Correct lenght of body. Super topline and tailset. Powerful back. Excellent rear argulation. Short hocks. Moves with power and drive. Beautiful coat. Profesionally presented and handled. Good luck for the future. (1st in junior class, Best Dog, CAC, BOB)
  • Manchester (UK) judge Borge Espeland : Midium sized active and happy young male. Clean masculine nice shape of head. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Strong neck. Well angulated both ends. Strong level topline.Good depth in body. Nice powerful couplings. Excellent croup and tail set. Nice coat. Moving with excellent drive and power ( 1st in junior class out of 19)
  • GRC of Wales (UK) judge Anne Falconer : Quality dog who was shown to perfection, very animated and shown in lovely coat and condition. Very nice head and expression. Correct front argulation but he is slightly overangulated behind which spoiled his outline and cost him the class. Level topline and strong hindquaters (2nd in yearling class out of 14)
  • Southern GRC - Special Award Open D/B judge Maria Saarniit : Young boy with a presence that just commands attention. Having admired him from afar for quite some time. I was delighted to get the chance to judge him, and he did not disappoint. Beautiful masculine head with kind expression, standing four-square with a straight front and rear, excellent proportions. body and bone. Fantastic seeing him take his first CC later this same afternoon - many more great achivements ahead for him I'm sure. ( 1st place )
  • Southern GRC (UK) judge P.Wilson : Very much my cup of tea. This youngster caught my eye as he came into the ring. Oozes quality from head to ever wagging tail. Presented a lovely outline. Superb front and rear angulation with correct tail set coming off a level back. Good spring of ribs in well muscled body. Handsome masculine head with softest expression and darkest pigment and eyes. Streight legs with neat feet. Moved very well at one with his handler. Presented and handled to perfection. Delighted to award this personality plus boy CC today and with my co judges agreement Res BOB.
  • Swierklaniec (PL) judge Mrs. P.Edwards : Top quality presented to perfection. Streight front, neat feet, good deep and spring of the ribs. Excellent head, eye and expression. Move with good rear and drive covering ground with the easy. Strong hindquaters with strong neat hocks ( 1st in interm. class, CAC, Best Dog, BOS, Best head, Best Movement)
  • Midland Counties (UK) judge Mr Geir Flyckt-Pedersen  : The star of the day for me. A great showman who is balanced, short coupled with the correct amount lenght to heightratio. So well balanced. Masculine head. Excellent legs and feet. As could be expected from the way he is constructed, moved freely with drive and enthusiasm. In total unison with his handler ( 1st in open class, CC, BOB, BOG-4)


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