Europasieger Dortmund 2018

     Can I be more happy ? ;-) Dortmund likes us a lot :-) 2nd time Paco was shown at EuropaSieger show and 2nd time he did great !!! Also I was very happy from Mr.Szura result and that she did it after so long drive from Poland.

  • 12.05 Dortmund judges : Mrs.E.Goor (labs) & Mr.L.Peixoto (goldens)
    Secret Way To My Heart of Labgold "Paco" : 1st in champion class, 2xVDH-CAC, Best Dog, LCD-CAC, CACIB, BOB - Crufts qualification & EuropaSieger'18 title : short listed to final 6 in main ring
    Queen of Legends of Sunshine's Valley "Szura" : 2-nd excellent in junior class, res VDH-Junior-CAC

Boseborn 2018

     She is like "tornado" :-) Charlize did it again !!! but also small Megus made us happy ... in fact we spent very nice weekend and very nice time at the show in Germany.

  • 29.04 Boseborn judge Mrs.S.Merrill
    My First Love of Labgold "Charlize" : 1st in champion class, VDH-CAC, LCD-CAC, Best Bitch, BOS !!!
    Take Me To The Moon of Labgold : 1-st in Minior Puppy class, Best Minior Puppy, BIS Minior Puppy
    Secret Way To My Heart of Labgold "Paco" : 2nd in champion class, res VDH-CAC

Updates 01-04.2018

    It has been a while I was here :-) but it doesn't mean that nothing is happening in our dog-live ... There is always something but indeed we took less part in the dog shows because of busy time in our works.

Paco was shown at Crufts 2018 where he made short-cut in big (42entries) open class. I'm happy with this result because my baby boy decided to leave his formal suit at home.
He was also shown in KSS where he was RES in open class.


Our small Meguś ... ah yes I still should introduce him but maybe this a bit later :-) ... made show debut. At National Show in Poland in Pruszków he was BOB Minior Puppy !!! He followed this good result and at Luxembourg Dog show he did it again and again BOB Minior Puppy.


And our Charlize made BIG come back to show ring ... in Luxembourg she won strong champion class with CACL, CACIB, Best Bitch & BOS !!! By this winning she is also qualified to Crufts 2019 but also new Luxembourg Champion !!!


Also Enzo made us proud and after longer break won Best of Breed at National show in Poland.


I had also pleasure to visit "new" Paco's babies :-) they are so cute & beautiful.



New photos of Paco : december 2017

     My boy, my love, my treasure !!! Just simply ... PACO !!! :-)))

Int.Ch MultCh MultWinner SECRET WAY TO MY HEART of Labgold ... where this time passed, he is almost 4 years ;-)




Brussels 2017 - Benelux Winner

     Wow !!! What the end of the show year 2017 !!! My boys made me proud and happy :-)

  • 16.12 Brussels judge Mr.L.Peixoto
    Secret Way To My Heart of Labgold "Paco" : 1st in champion class, CAC, CACIB, Best Dog,Brussels Winner, Benelux Winner, Best of Breed & Best in Group 1 !!! with lovely comment from group judge that he is super mover !!!
    Aquarelle Louis Armstrong : 1st in working class, Best Working Dog in breed


L.K.A 2017 & NDS in Poland

     It was very funny show and in fact "lovely" weather to make this trip. Saturday when we were driving it was nice and sunny & when we woke up next day it was 20cm of snow and almost nobody in UK knew how to drive :-))) Paco made me proud again !!!

  • 10.12 L.K.A Birmingham judge Mr.P.Iversen
    Secret Way To My Hear of Labgold "Paco" : 2nd in open class

And in the same day our Kimmi was shown in Poland at National show where she was :
Kiss Me Quick Sykstus of Labgold : Junior Winner, Best Junior & BOS in age 11 months 

HOT NEWS !!!! 
Labrador retriever
  • BEN KENOBI da Real Corte
  • My Brave Hunter of Labgold
  • Secret Way To My Heart of Labgold
  • Secret Heart Stealler of Labgold
  • Rain Forest Ingver

  • Dolbia WHY NOT
  • HINT OF MAGIC Molto Bene
  • My First Love of Labgold
  • Taylor Made da Real Corte
  • Lily Of The Valley of Labgold
  • Lovely Madi of Labgold
  • Kiss Me Quick Sykstus of Labgold
Golden retriever
  • GERALT z Zagłebia
  • Altindan XYLOMANCER
  • Cheek to Cheek Glenfarclas
  • KEEP COOL z Doliny Czapelki
  • Lord Nico of Sunshine's Valley
  • Prince Charming Qdore of Labgold

  • Maybe Forever Canto Da Amor
  • Queen of Legends of Sunshine's Valley
  • Cheek To Cheek Octavia