Three Ridings (Joint) LRC

     That was very nice weekend which we spent with Paco. English shows are always giving us so much fun and joy. The atmosphere, people, rings are the best !!! So that's why we are so often backing there :-) 
Paco finally decided to start wearing "new suit" after 8 months being not in full coat. Let's hope he will keep it for a bit longer.

  • 22.10 Joint LRC judge Mrs.H.Jokisilta
    Secret Way To My Heart of Labgold : 2nd in Open class (strong champion class) - i'm very proud of my baby boy !!!

Synek 12 weeks

     Our Synek is already 12 weeks old, how this time is flying, he was just born :-) He is sweet little boy, full of good temperament and bringing a lot of joy :-)





Dog show in Spała 2017

     Finally found time to take a look on the photos from our last show in Spała in Poland and share the info from there :-) It was nice time which we spent all together, nice to be back there in the rings and nice to be back with golden to the ring :-)

  • Spała judges : M.Roszkiewicz (german shorthaired pointer), V.Soleckyj-Szpunar (goldens), J.Opara (labs)

The star of the day :-) QUEEN OF LEGENDS of Sunshhine's Valley : 1st in Minior Puppy, BOB minior puppy, BEST IN SHOW 3 in minior puppy !!! nice debiut for our new golden hope :-) coowner Magłosia & Zbyszek 

IMG_0919Szura in age 4,5 months 

Lovely Madi of Labgold : 1st in Minior Puppy, BOB in minior puppy :-) coowner Julka

IMG_1301Madi in age 4,5 months

Lily of The Valley : 2-nd in Minior Puppy ( just after her sister ) :-) coowner Kamila

IMG_1377Lilly in age 4,5 months

Secret Heart Stealler of Labgold : 1st in champion class, CAC :-) coowner Magda & Piotr

IMG_1206Enzo in age 3,5 years

Rain Forest Ingver : 1st in open class, CAC, new Polish Champion :-) coowner Magda

IMG_1253Thor in age 2,5 years

Glen Keith of Labgold : 2-nd in intermediate class ;-) owner Julka

IMG_1383Baster in age 2 years

WAY TO GO z Czarnego Dworu : 2nd in intermediate class, coowner : my dad & Adam

IMG_1019Vaco in age 1,5 years

Kiss Me Quick of Labgold : 2nd in puppy class, coowner Daria 

IMG_1035Kimi in age 8 months

HOT NEWS !!!! 
Puppies on board 
in the middle of November we are expecting black (maybe also yellow) litter from nice combination
(line-breeding to Salty Dog of Tampa Bay & Rewari Exactly At Moltobene)

Feel free to contact with us :-)
Labrador retriever
  • BEN KENOBI da Real Corte
  • My Brave Hunter of Labgold
  • Secret Way To My Heart of Labgold
  • Secret Heart Stealler of Labgold
  • Rain Forest Ingver

  • Dolbia WHY NOT
  • HINT OF MAGIC Molto Bene
  • My First Love of Labgold
  • My Miss Sunshine of Labgold
  • Lily Of The Valley of Labgold
  • Lovely Madi of Labgold
  • Kiss Me Quick Sykstus of Labgold
Golden retriever
  • GERALT z Zagłebia
  • Altindan XYLOMANCER
  • Cheek to Cheek Glenfarclas
  • KEEP COOL z Doliny Czapelki
  • Lord Nico of Sunshine's Valley

  • Maybe Forever Canto Da Amor